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16 years of being that invisible pillar

true friends are really wonderful people. A, one of my longest friend, kept me company without questioning and judging. She just present herself for me to lean on and made me feel normal despite my inability to bring joy and positivity to the table. Advertisements

life long ambition(s)

I am very passionate about conserving nature and wildlife. because i believe as long as nature is protected, all hope is not lost. I used to be insanely passionate about humanitarian work and education too. but i realised under privileged children being exposed to so much ideologies of people like me,  from developed countries, will … Continue reading

a modern day beta woman with alpha facade

very often, as much as I hate to admit it, I am similar to my mum. How can I not be? she brought me up, she is my first and only constant female role model. I fear to be her at her worst, I long to be like her at her best too. She is … Continue reading


I simply hate people who don’t want to work hard for their own success.

Stop Caring So Much About Being Right

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:
There are times when stubbornness gets the best of us. We so vehemently believe we are correct about something that we start bubbling with rage. Our tempers flare and erupt. They consume our thoughts about not only the idea we are arguing against but about the person with whom we…


Thank. Goodness. For. Pets   they make sad times better and good times perfect.   Prata, LB, Windy and every other furball that makes me smile. ❤

newly-single comfort food wishlist


These Are The Things I Will Never Tell You

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:
Shutterstock I will never tell you that I loved you. But I guess I did tell you, once, when we were drunk and giggling and falling asleep listening to the late night traffic pass through the city. And I guess I told you one other time — in that email…

A Convincing Love Is No Kind of Love At All

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:
He was the kind of guy you could easily fall in love with. The kind that cooks you pancakes in the morning, rubs your shoulders when you’re stressed, tells you you’re beautiful when you feel it least. Yeah, those kinds of guys are sweet in the beginning, but underneath there…

the end

when people dont cherish the chances you give, the time, effort and compromises you’ve put in and just lie and make excuses to defend their unwillingness to change and understand your point. yes, if you were truly busy doing YOUR work, I’ll be supportive. but you’re not. at the end of the day, I am … Continue reading