COMEX IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!! i should get myself a camera lense and a printer. Advertisements


If you… love me and want me, just say it and I’m yours. hate and loathe me, tell me and I’ll be gone feel weak, on the brink of tears, lean on me and I’ll be there feel lonely and alone, hug me and your world has a new friend think that hopes gone, reach … Continue reading

Protected: tempted to…

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

super heroes’ week

Sotong girl and Chubby feline


I’m so tired. Bloody, frigging tired. And poor yahui lost her camera. D:

vacation, holiday, get-away, escapade, break away

korea (guided tour), taiwan (free and easy), greece (guided), hokkaido (guided) or Rome/Marche (free and easy)?

on a sunny afternoon, I’m…

Cursing the bloody Chinese custom of burning incense and paper offerings. I mean… with the enhanced greenhouse effect destroying the arctic. We’re cutting down trees and making paper to burn. Coloured and gold/silver glided ones to boot. Just how much damage are we dealing to poor earth? D: My laziness. Yeah, I havent touched HVA … Continue reading


measure of a man… not?

13.5cm, 5inches. Lynne’s gotten herself a sick stalker. Lucky Pattaya Massage I like. (:

My choice; A sleep deprived lifestyle

Gonna redo my painting. cause I aint happy with how it looks. Due tomorrow. I’m screwed. Whats distracting me now, is the sound of my poor darling sneezing. Her appetite is poor and her eyes are watery. </3 Bringing her to the vet tmr is gonna be a nightmare. D: