on a sunny afternoon, I’m…

Burning incense in the Lama Temple Beijing

Image via Wikipedia

  1. Cursing the bloody Chinese custom of burning incense and paper offerings. I mean… with the enhanced greenhouse effect destroying the arctic. We’re cutting down trees and making paper to burn. Coloured and gold/silver glided ones to boot. Just how much damage are we dealing to poor earth? D:
  2. My laziness. Yeah, I havent touched HVA yet… Omg.
  3. The freak weather. Geesh, I feel ashamed to be human. Scums of capitalization living in mainly USA and China are to blame. Lets not forget the Indonesian annual ritual of forest clearing and burning during dry seasons. Geniuses. Ok, maybe me with my laptop kills the environment too… (Hence I shall further reduce my electrical consumption by not using the heater and making my room pitch black the Gothic way like how I like it)
  4. Conceiving a plan to shed pounds and flabs. Its a girly obsession and I’m not spared from the madness of it all.
  5. Watching One Piece. Epic anime. I wanna be a pirate too. So that adds up to me wanting to be… 1)Vampire, 2)Doll, 3)Artist, 4)Rock star, 5)Wanderer, 6)Photographer, 7)Journalist for National Geographic/Animal Planet, 8)Magician… And now my 9th ambition, to be a pirate. Not the Somalian type. Please, I wanna be a righteous one that sails the 7 seas with my trusty ship and crew of comrades.

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