(: positivity is always possible when you’ve got friends who understand. Happiness is constantly within reach when you have art and food. Motivation never dies when you have goals. Groupwork is always fun when you have awesome groupmates (all but 1) Advertisements

me. time. you.


if assault and murder is legal for selective personnel, I’ll transform my room into a torture chamber for animal abusers. Their corpses go to making dog food =D coil rapier strings around the neck and knot firmly, tight enough to ONLY cause pain and discomfort bend their fingers backward. rip out all the finger nails … Continue reading

Awesome chillout music + Cool animation

term 2

I feel like running to hide for awhile. D: No amount of sleep can ease my fatigue. I think its in my head, I feel pathetic. I used to think my drawing skills are mediocre, suddenly it has dawned upon me that it sucks. Did I mention I have people issues too? I find group … Continue reading


Bloody hell. My fixative is missing. How am I suppose to work with pastels? D:

bowl cut

I bent over to pick up the seasoning pack. The hair band slipped forward. My fringe flipped forward and landed on the concave stove. Approximately 5 inches got burnt. I have ugly fringe. D:

Reflection and Shadow – Spiral Staircase

Reflection and Shadow – Spiral Staircase Originally uploaded by Canadapt ❤

Crazy staircase at the KPMG Building in Munich

Crazy staircase at the KPMG Building in Munich Originally uploaded by Alaskan Dude cool huh? its like a DNA helix.

Teh Tarik (Courting After School 1950s Style)

Teh Tarik (Courting After School 1950s Style) Originally uploaded by chooyutshing would you think of this as graffiti or Art? I thought of it as art a few years back even before we were exile to the harsh world of Local Arts Scene researching. I suppose some may beg to differ? D: Do check out … Continue reading