eve of Hanri Raya

the morning’s presentation thing was… well… I have no idea how I’d fair. I kinda don’t give a damn anymore. One comment I really like was,

“your conceptualizing is very mature, what you’re doing is to play with human psychology which is what only some people taking the BA or higher tries to do.”

oh wells. its over. no point crying over spilt milk. Anyways, went home for a rest and then decided to hang out with fai at chinatown to look at toys. and I bought a Spongebob candy holder tin. Will post a picture of it someday. and then we headed down to Serangoon to meet Lynne Bustybass. =D

took this logn stroll to Chomp Chomp and talked about stuffs. Its fun listening to people share their dreams and ideas. Its a constant reminder that you’ll never know anybody exactly because people grow and evolve bit by bit everyday. Its also kinda signaling to me that I should get in touch with certain people and not waste on time on some. We ordered Orh Luak, Carrot cake, satay, sambal stingray and lemon sugarcane drink. fai ordered rice too (I think its a guy thing) We planned on having waffles and Frolick (just Fai and his look-at-girls habit) initially but were too full after the meal. Not to mentiont he currypuff and pink glutinous snackw ith mushrooms and peanutsthing we had prior to dinner. Hanisa and Jerome joined. BOTAK MONKS! and then chit chatted abit, and we went to get ourselves soem chill out sing and booze time.

I like chilling out with friends. I might not enjoy drinking as much as they do, but their presence makes my day.


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