term 2

Running boy

I feel like running to hide for awhile. D: No amount of sleep can ease my fatigue. I think its in my head, I feel pathetic. I used to think my drawing skills are mediocre, suddenly it has dawned upon me that it sucks.

Did I mention I have people issues too? I find group work a chore. As if I’m not having enough problems doing work solo. Now I have to cope with people, you cant yell at them when they are noisy. You dont have the heart to yell at them knowing they have to complete the same amount of work as you have on hand. In times like these, WHO THE HELL PITIES THE POOR SOULS THAT DEALS WITH CONCLUSION, SUMMARY AND EDITING?!?!??! I don’t appreciate waiting 1 week for research long due. Neither do I enjoy having to do last minute work and make preparations for a last minute presentation. Why? I may be able to pull it off, but the others likely will screw up. Observe group dynamics please.

Anyways, the past week has been crappy, this week will just get crappier. Its only Monday and I feel like curling up in bed to rot already.


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