if assault and murder is legal for selective personnel, I’ll transform my room into a torture chamber for animal abusers. Their corpses go to making dog food =D

  1. coil rapier strings around the neck and knot firmly, tight enough to ONLY cause pain and discomfort
  2. bend their fingers backward.
  3. rip out all the finger nails
  4. hammer a nail through their palm
  5. use their body as a carpet over glass shards
  6. knock nose bridge off
  7. burn lower lips with lighter
  8. split septum into half till upper lip region
  9. knock their teeth out one by one
  10. twist their feet 180 degrees
  11. dislocate their knee
  12. pull out their tendons
  13. forcefully stuff expired contact lenses into their eyes and leave it in there to breed bacteria
  14. light incense up and insert into it into their nostrils and ears
  15. throw stones at them
  16. step on them wearing high heels
  17. hammer nails into a bat, coat it with chilli oil and whack them
  18. dunk their heads into hot oil
  19. use blunt razors to slice them
  20. use their heads as golf balls
  21. place a pole over their necks and balance on it
  22. use them as dissection specimens
  23. if they are still alive, use a giant fork and practice spaghetti coiling with intestines and/or use their hearts as stress-balls.

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