a unit along admiralty road west. *ahemm* Queen’s Avenue or Wellignton Road. I want to setup a studio/gallery there Advertisements

28th October 2010

attack of the hardcore menstrual cramps

21st October 2010

I kinda feel like I dont really need certain people. like I’m over being sentimental. I just nolonger bother to try cherishing some people. I’d rather use the time to make art and money for making art. let me mention once again how good it feels when people compliment your group’s scultpure. How great it … Continue reading


bloody hell. you cant even do that without me babysitting. why cant you guys become more dependable so I dont feel so suffocated? Why cant you guys be more self directed? I’m doing almost everything and all you guys do is your individual works. I havent even started a single drawing yet.


I kinda feel a little ‘obliged’ to blog. Hey, its 10.10.10. You’d probably write something too. Right…??? On the 10.10.10, I have made a resolution to minimize procrastination. Why? Because my History of Visual Arts essay is due tomorrow, and my progress? 0%. Well done! I’m such a genius… And i hope my job interview … Continue reading

神様、もう少しだけ。。 after 10 years, I’m darn afraid of losing you.


1) Audiotechnica ATH ES7 headphones (Black) 2) Herringbone camera strap 3) Vintage Faux leather camera carrying case - - 4) Holga cameras


“AHHHHHH!!!” “EEEEE-AAAAHHHHHH” “ARGHHHHHH!!!!!!” I went for my first ever prawning trip and caught my first first prawn!! Pamela is a fellow prawning newbie and Glen has got primitive hunter instincts running in his blood. Free food. Seasalt caramel birthday cake. Jun and yiping are like the cutest couple. oh… and now back to reality of … Continue reading

snap shutter aperture snap ISO

took close to 120 pictures. selected 15. lecturers like 6. I feel relief and calmness, kidna reassuring that I dont hafta reshoot too much ❤ Pam's and Nisah's shoots received really nice feedbacks too =D AND YAY! we'll be in the same group XOXO. Hahahahaha.


dont get in my way.