21st October 2010

I kinda feel like I dont really need certain people. like I’m over being sentimental. I just nolonger bother to try cherishing some people. I’d rather use the time to make art and money for making art.

let me mention once again how good it feels when people compliment your group’s scultpure. How great it feels when people who werent optimistic about it bite their words and admire your creation. Not forgetting the gratification you get when you show some people you ain’t the books only art history person.

The only thing that ruined my day was the I.Art essay. I rewrote and got a D. wth?? my first draft earned me a B, after i editted it according to YOUR specifications, I ended up with a D. Bloody hell.

The week has been great overall, Sentosa is fun, the sculpture turned out fantabulous and forged lots of new friendships.


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