i must be stupid. felt like i took my heart and smashed it against spikes   I wanted to talk more, yet I dont wanna annoy you. Actually, what am I thinking, you stopped finding me endearing since long ago. I shouldnt even bother. Everything I say and do will annoy you. and the thought … Continue reading

how have you been? Its almost 3 weeks since I’ve last properly spoke to you, since I’ve last tried to make sure you’re eating properly and having enough rest, since I’ve last tried to comprehend how much burdens you carry. what are you doing recently? Have you settled the issues with the management? Have you … Continue reading

dreaming at 2am

I had a sad sad dream. you posted “easy come, easy go and you adapt really quickly.” Somewhere in the dream was about the relationship request I didnt check and never knew about. Deep down, I know no matter how hard I try to laugh and devote myself to work, the process of my will-power … Continue reading

i miss you. i love you. are you happy now?

this blog

I wonder who bothers reading this blog. I wonder if you’ve been dropping by once in a while to read. and I hope you’re reading not because you’re checking to make sure I dont bitch but because I still matter. but whatever it is, I wonder why this humble blog can get 3-4 visitors a … Continue reading

because I fear and let fear

I just stood there, listening to my heart beat, feeling my hands clenching tot he can of Baygone and watching the cockroach flipping around. Then I understood why I felt sorry for it yet I dont hesitate to spray insecticide on it when it moves towards me. I’m scared, and when fear takes over, I … Continue reading

my lent abstinence is going well! =D havent went shopping/window shopping since 3weeks ago! YES! SO far I’ve only bought things I needed for school. Havent bought myself shoes or bags or clothes. I think its even more worth it when I know I’m praying for ______ while abstaining from whatever I’ve promised.

I’ll wait. I’ll just be plain old me and wait for you to finish your duties, return triumphant from your battles. I’m tired of trying to start discussions and/or arguments with you. I’m tired of trying to prove to you that I didnt mean to hurt you. I know its a bad time. I dont … Continue reading

still feels like it

no matter how much courage I have to speak my mind now, its because I know I have nothing to lose. Already lost it all. Its knowing no matter how much I pray, no matter how many eye lashes i pull out to wish on, no many how many shooting stars I catch, no matter … Continue reading

zodiac stuffs.. ):

#Scorpio&Cancer : These two water signs are equally senstive and psychic, so they’ll have an immediate rapport. They can have a good relationship once they work out some of their issues. The first one is trust. #Scorpio – #Cancer: Cancer hardly tries to seek revenge for their bruised ego unlike the Scorpio who will never … Continue reading