still feels like it

no matter how much courage I have to speak my mind now, its because I know I have nothing to lose. Already lost it all.

Its knowing no matter how much I pray, no matter how many eye lashes i pull out to wish on, no many how many shooting stars I catch, no matter how many birthdays I spend wishing, I’ll never get have time turn back for me to simply care but not screw up. I cant simply be hurt yet stop myself from spiting my venom, erecting my spikes, etc. Its all too late.

Its knowing that no matter how much I say, I can never heal the wound I caused and no matter how much I’d like to be given the chance to nurse the pain, I’m nolonger wanted.

we’re human, this is life. Theres only room for regrets. whats inevitable is onyl a matter of time.

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