in my dreams

I seldom remember my dreams the morning I wake. In my entire life there are only 3 kinds recurring dreams I remember of.

#1. My bed suddenly disappears and I free fall on my back into a dark abyss. Then I’ll jump up awake
#2. I’m in a pasture/field of flowers on a breezy day, happily rolling around while cicadas and birds chirp and I’ll never have soil and dirt on me
#3. I’m sleeping in the arms of a female (larger in stature than me). The embrace is safe, warm and comforting though I’ll never see the lady’s face. And in the dream I can vividly see myself at peace, smiling and snuggling closer into the bosom.

After the past few weeks of sleepless nights, I find myself being able to fall asleep relatively quickly and every night I’ll have dream #3. I usually wake up finding myself with a contented smile and with tears at the corners of my eye. I’m thankful for the force comforting me and helping me get some much needed rest. I think its Mary, or an angel or maybe its my mum ❤


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