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You Are Rice Pudding

You are a traditional person with strong values. You always stay true to what you believe.
You have a strong foundation, and it begins with your family, friends, and community.

You are a generous person, especially with your time. You believe that it’s important to give back.
You are patient and able to think long term. It’s easy for you to honor commitments.

You Are Thoughtful and Happy

You have an optimistic outlook. When troubles come your way, you try to see how you will grow and learn from them.

You feel like you can’t depend on anyone but yourself in this world. You feel quite alone sometimes.

You feel relieved about your past and those you have loved. You are happy to be moving on with the future.

You succeed by tapping into your reserves. You have an extraordinary amount of energy and endurance.

You Are Creative And Chaotic

You are all over the map, and you really don’t try to get yourself on one path.
You enjoy multitasking, and in fact, you feel like you think better when your mind is going in many directions.

You always have to have your hands in something. It’s impossible for you to stop creating.
You are fun, lively, and even a bit outrageous. You like to push boundaries and find out what is possible.

You Believe that Love is Admiration

When you think of love, you think of being with the person you cherish the most.

In love, you see things as they are. You accept and love your partner’s faults.

If you are in love, you want the whole world to know it. You don’t hold back with letting people know.

You are somewhat patient in love. You can wait for the right person, but once you have found the right one, you’re very impatient.

You Are a Thinker

You tend to have your feet on the ground. You think about what’s actual, and you love facts.

You are a rational person. You like to think through ideas, and you like the thoughts that books spark.

You are a person with many different interests. You are fascinated by everything in the world.

You are a person who values your possessions. You tend to have fewer things but of higher quality.

Your Home Says That You Feel Settled and Calm

You come across as somewhat intellectual. You can be quite insightful at times.

Your hygiene is passable, but you may be hiding some dirty secrets.

You are a very domestic person. You enjoy decorating, cooking, and making things homey.

You are a very nurturing person. You find meaning in taking care of others.

You feel settled in your life. You have enough time to focus on little details.

You are a very self sufficient person. You can get along well without much help.

Your friends see you as courageous, dynamic, and bright.

You Were a Loner

You may have had a few friends on the playground, but you never felt like you really fit in.
And while this was not the greatest when you were little, it’s served you well as an adult.

You have learned to be independent – both in your thoughts and your actions.
Not fitting in is now your strength. You defy labels, and you are completely original.

Your Feet Say You’re Slightly Stubborn

You are not very expressive. You tend to keep your emotions to yourself.

You are not a very passionate person. You tend to listen to reason over emotional appeals.

You are not a very assertive person. If something doesn’t come easily to you, it’s not worth having.

You don’t fall in love easily. It’s hard for you to connect to people, and you don’t have many attachments.

You are not afraid of anything. You are brave and courageous, even when most people would be terrified.

You are very practical and down to earth. You’re more concerned with action than thoughts.

You are an amazingly hard worker. You aren’t spoiled and you don’t mind getting your hands dirty.

You are not easily influenced by other people. You hold your ground and are true to your beliefs.

You Are Brainy

You are a very detail oriented and precise person. You think everything through carefully.
You aren’t prone to dramatics, but you don’t overlook what’s important either.

You are observant and philosophical. You seek to understand people more than judge them.
You treasure your alone time. You area true introvert, and it’s difficult for you to feel isolated.

You Are Falling

Sometimes things in your life feel completely out of control. You get overwhelmed.
Like everyone else you have a fear of failure… just like falling in a nightmare.

You may need more balance in your life. Take time to take care of yourself.
And learn to go with the flow a little bit more. Falling can feel exciting if you let it!

Your Road is Paved With Determination

You are a person of substance. You believe that character is important, and you work hard to do the right thing.
You don’t mind doing what needs to be done. In fact, you tend to relish responsibilities and work.

You are tough. You don’t complain, even when you are dealt an unfair hand.
You deal with life’s ups and downs like a champ. Even if you have to pedal uphill for a while, you know it will be a sweet ride down the hill!

You Are Down to Earth and Honest

You like to keep things as simple as possible in life, and you tend to gravitate toward the outdoors and natural things.
You aren’t materialistic or superficial. If anything, you are an idealist, and you care deeply about your impact on the world.

Your energy level is moderately low. You pace yourself and take your time.
Your signature latte would be an organic latte made with fair trade coffee. Not only does it taste better, but it jives with your values.

You Are Tomatoes

You are kind hearted and open minded. You’re always up for something new. You like to experiment.
You are easy going, and you pride yourself on not being judgmental. You can see the good in almost every situation.

You prefer to keep things light and fun. You don’t like heavy topics or pessimistic people.
You believe that there’s so much to celebrate. You’re happy to just celebrate being alive!

You Are Having a Fun Day

You are creative and easily inspired. You see so much eye candy in the world around you.

You have a very active mind. You tend to get preoccupied with certain thoughts.

It’s likely you’re feeling over scrutinized and watched these days. You could do with a little space.

You are quiet and reserved. You feel most at ease when you are able to keep to yourself.

Rain Makes You Happy

You tend to move slowly, but you still get a lot done. You are steady.

You are down to earth and practical. You like to live an ordered and organized life.

You have high expectations for your life, and you’re sometimes disappointed. You wish that things were easier.

You prefer to be around a wide variety of people. You believe that you learn a little something from everyone.

You find peace when you are able to slow down. When you can just be, your life clarifies itself.

You Are a Donkey

You have a reputation for being stubborn, but that’s okay. Your stubbornness has served you well in life.
You know what you can and can’t do, and you resent anyone trying to push you. You like make changes on your own schedule.

You are a very conscientious creature. You are willing to take responsibility for yourself and for the people you care about.
Because you have a lot of burdens, you have to be extremely careful and cautious. This explains your “look before you leap” mentality!

You Are a Confident Purple Car

You’re definitely an unusual person. Some people may even call you “weird” or “freaky.”
Luckily for you, you don’t care what others think. If anything, you enjoy it when people think you’re strange!

You are offbeat and eccentric. You see the world a little differently than everyone else does.
You are seen as mysterious. People are very curious about you… whether they know you well already or not.

You Are Honest and Open

You are a very honest person, yet you somehow avoid being brutally honest with people.
You know that the truth often does hurt, so you try to cushion the blow as much as possible. And because of your approach, people do appreciate your honesty.

You’re the type of person who complements before you criticize. You try to put the truth in perspective and make it seem not so dire.
And whenever you’re stating your opinion, you make it clear that it’s just that … your point of view. You can only speak your own personal truth.

You See the Outside World as Peaceful

You don’t need a lot of excitement. Your best days are calm days.
You see beauty everywhere, and you like to share your inner world with others.

You truly care about every single person in your life. You want the best for everyone.
You are a great listener and tend to give valuable advice. You know your friends well.

Your Brown Eyes Say You’re Clever and Witty

You are seen as brilliant and irreverent. You speak your mind, and people love you for it.
You don’t let other people see any insecurities you might have. You like to present a brave front.

You are sharp as a tack and very quick on your feet. You’re the first to get or tell a joke.
You are also clear thinking in a crisis. You are an excellent problem solver.

Your Body’s Element is Water

You are a joyful, relaxed, and luminous person.
You love people. You live for making new friends and helping others.

You are enthusiastic and the ideal person to work with.
You don’t mind doing hard tasks, and you have a generous spirit.

Your energy tends to be: conserved

You power color is: black

You Are the Fairy

You are charming, cheerful, and a little bit magical. You make other people’s lives better.
You are a bit eccentric at times, but you truly care about people in your own way.

You are hyper and restless. It drives you crazy to sit still, and you are usually the first to leave any event.
You are unpredictable and flighty. No one can guess what you’ll be up to next … or where you’ll be!

You Are a Maple Leaf

You are empathetic and feeling. You sympathize with people and have a lot of patience for them.
You are warm and welcoming. You will go the extra mile to make someone feel included.

You give unconditional love. It’s the only way that you know how to love.
You are nurturing and supportive. You are the biggest cheerleader in your friends lives.

You Are Old Fashioned

You think that the best things come from the past. You love anything vintage or retro.

You are a generous and compassionate person. You are as responsible and helpful as you can be.

Art excites you. You try to bring it into your everyday life as much as possible.

You have a few key interests that are borderline obsessions. You can’t stop thinking about them!

You Are Milk

You are caring and nurturing. You like to make sure that your friends are well fed and well loved.
As long as the basics are covered for you, you’re happy. All you seek is a roof over your head and a full stomach.

You are a calming influence on others. You haven’t figured out why or how, but you’re a pretty naturally peaceful person.
You help remind people of simpler, easier times. You make others feel like everything is going to be okay.

Your Four Sided Personality is USWR

Side 1 of your personality is unassured. You don’t like to mention your accomplishments, and you prefer to let others talk.

Side 2 of your personality is straightforward. You don’t stretch the truth, and you take things as they come.

Side 3 of your personality is warm-hearted. You are interested in people, and you get along well with others.

Side 4 of your personality is reserved. You are a private person and often don’t have much to say.

You Are Dark Purple

To others, you seem a bit dark, mysterious, and moody.
In truth, you are just a very unique person who doesn’t care what others think.
And you really enjoy your offbeat interests and friends.
You’ve decided that life is about living for yourself – simple as that.

You Make Your Own Luck

You are cautious and slow to act. It takes you a long time to get used to ideas.

You are happiest when you are able to be a lone for a while. You find strength within yourself.

You work at a pace that is comfortable to you. You can get more done if you don’t burn yourself out.

You are a very patient person. You stick with people and things for a lifetime.

You Are Blue

You believe the key to living a good life is simple. Be as honest with yourself and others as possible.
You value the truth over everything else. You will remain loyal to those who are honest with you, even if their honesty hurts.

Compared to most people, you handle the truth well. You take every event in stride. You are the calm spot in a sea of chaos.
You think the solution to most problems is open communication. You wish that people would be more real with each other.

Your Birthday is White

You are the peaceful type. You want a lot of things in your life, but you are not attached to any of them.
You are able to rise above most petty human emotions. You don’t get jealous or hurt easily.

You are very different from most people, and everyone you meet is able to figure that out quite quickly.
While you don’t exactly fit in, you can still relate to others well. People think highly of you.

You Are a Scrambled Egg

You are spontaneous and fun. You like to mix it up in life, and you are very flexible.
You consider any day that surprises you to be a good day. You aren’t big on planning and structure.

You are an agreeable, happy person. You can get along with almost anyone, and you’re pretty easy to please.
You live a somewhat chaotic life, but things seem to work out for you in the end. Even when things are a mess, you come out fine at the other end.


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