the window test..

I love windows.. yeah.. this is one of the test which I have a few results.. You Are Lighthearted You like to let loose every once and a while. You don’t take yourself too seriously. You are endearing and lovable. You charm every person that you meet. You are simply likable. People find your good-humored … Continue reading

snippets of a random chat

Jet dresses and crimson tresses says: hahahaha this is damn random but i wanna marry early and have kids Garnet says: i wanna marry early too i wouldn’t mind being pregnant and attending uni at the same time Jet dresses and crimson tresses says: i kinda discovered recently i like being the woman behind a … Continue reading

for the first day of christmas…

just kidding. I cant wait till Christmas. I’ve never been the kind that tells people my birthday to expect celebrations, well wishes and/or gifts. BUT. this year.. I kinda hope people will remember my birthday and get me…   ULTRA WIDE ANGLE LENS FOR CANON DSLR.   why? because I’ve booked myself a trip to … Continue reading

rain oh rainy day

Just spoke to a friend about her constant struggle with her boyfriend’s secretive and compulsive alcohol and cigarette habit. Then I’ve kinda summed up the difference between a person who is open hearted and the other kind that is narrow hearted. Very often, the open hearted ones forgive their significant other regardless of how hurt … Continue reading

24th May 2011

blogging can get rid of the injustice I’ve felt but it can never take away the sadness. ): whatever. thats life; something that felt so right can turn out wrong. and its human; to doubt whatever felt right and turn it wrong. At the end of the day, I’ve learnt that nothing beats loving and … Continue reading

summer dreaming

its fun to meet a friend who shares the same plans as you. and then the two persons discover they are so like-minded and have inspiring talks about the future. On facebook chat…. [You] Report · 2:42pm i keep them all [Nabilah Zaini] Report · 2:42pm thats whyyy thank god i manage cold turkey and … Continue reading

a step in a new direction

hah. I was spring cleaning, and trying to give my room a make over when the radio played this. )’: a step in a ‘new’ old/original direction and I should never look back; or rather. I’m not presented any reason to. there are other things in life to do and many animals to care for. … Continue reading!/notes/iam-trynagrowtaller/for-your-own-safety/10150269000994009 I hope you guys can access this. Do read and spread it around from time to time as a reminder. (: better safe than sorry. the weather is ridiculously warm.. ): luckily soothing music plentiful on youtube. I wonder how huskies survive singapore’s weather despite air conditioning. even cats arent doing very well. ):

sunny sunday

woohoo! will be cooking chicken curry, sambal ikan billis and achar with mum! =D the weather is so hot. and my vacation has been spent watching videos. GAH! I need to find motivation to paint. but geesh. Cravings. LOTS OF CRAVINGS. egg tarts, strawberry tarts/fruit tarts, sponge cake, fish and chips, waffle fries, croissant, pizza, … Continue reading

As of 22nd May 2011

“Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.” -Joseph, Princess Diaries.- You know what? You wanted time, I gave you eternity. You needed space, I gave you the universe. You wanted to ensure my safety, I reported everything little thing I do to you, I gave up Europe trip so you wont worry. You … Continue reading