sick. stuck at home so I visit blogthings. AGAIN ):

You Are Equanimity

You seek and maintain balance in your life. You believe too much of anything is not a good thing.
You try not to be too attached to particular outcomes, events, things, or people.

A little indifference goes a long way for you. You don’t let your passions consume you.
You know how to connect to the world without being too wrapped up in it. You get it just right.

You Are an Extrovert

You are a bit shy and hesitant around people you don’t know well. It takes a bit to get you to open up.

You are resolute and firm in your decision making. Once your mind is made up, you aren’t likely to change.

You are easy going and low maintenance. You tend to let the small stuff slide.

You rely on yourself first and foremost. You know that you won’t ever let yourself down.

You Are Down to Earth Fun

You are the type of person who really enjoys life. You have simple tastes and keep your expectations low.
When it’s time to let loose, you find a way to kick back. You find it easy to relax.

Your friends can count on you to be practical and no nonsense. Everyone appreciates that you live a drama free life.
It hasn’t been a good night unless everyone has had fun. You’re happy if your friends are happy.

You Are Ethical

You are simply a good person. You have high standards you uphold, but you don’t boast about your morals.
You know your own tastes and values. No matter what, you stay true to who you are.

You believe in the truth. When it comes down to it, the truth always wins.
You have a lot of discipline, but you also believe in moderation. You don’t like to overdo anything.

You Are Generous and Charming

You are love to be around other people, and you especially love to entertain.
You’re a bit fanciful and a dreamer. You like to add your personal touch to everything.

You are an optimist with unfussy tastes. You see beauty in the simplest things.
You are truly happy and feel blessed in your life. You enjoy what you have and you’re always ready to give back a little.

You Are No Pajamas

You are a free spirited, confident person. You do what you like, when you like.
Even though you’re a bit strange, you find it easy to be open about who you are.

Without trying to be, you come across as a very sexual person. You are very appealing.
You are likely to fall asleep pretty easily. You’re not an insomniac.

erm.. the sexually appealing part is the only wrong part i guess.. ):

You Are Sweet

You are a very loving person. You are tender-hearted and touchy-feely.
You are sympathetic. You naturally have a lot of empathy for everyone around you.

Whenever you are able, you are helpful. You are like to do good in this world.
You relish having the role of caretaker. You feel honored that others accept your compassion.


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