i hate to admit it, i cant cope. I can nolonger cope with life.

theres just too much stress from my mum’s ‘family’, too much trouble. Not for me to handle, but for mum, nothing can be more painful than seeing my mum being taken advantage of so willingly when she can be such a shrewd person. the tale is too long, too complex and too personal to share.

I’m just so tired. Its when you realize that the person whom you thought is ‘the one’ who’ll want to know about even the tiniest bit of your worries is actually just like every other person out there who prioritizes his problems first.

I’m just caught in this awkwardness when my mind is telling me to not care so much for people but my heart not being able to do so. ):

I’m actually a very blessed person, I don’t have very big problems in my life, thats why I have the luxury to try to help others out. I shouldnt have expected people to care about mine, because we’re all different; in character and in the massiveness of our problems as well. ): but, when we were together, I just wish you’d ask about my life like how you used to…

I’m just the dont ask, dont tell and even if you’ve asked, I may not tell depending on the situation kind of person. ): and I thought you knew. Its not me trying to appear mysterious or tough. I just dont know when its ok for me to depend on people. thats all.


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