newest blogthings quiz

hair colour quiz.. well… I’m picking based on the colours I had and love/always wanted to try… so…

You Are Wild

You’re very restless and bored easily. You get antsy easily… you need to wander.
Everything is up in the air for you. You just go where the wind takes you.

If you’re facing a problem, getting away for a couple days always helps you clear your mind.
You are both optimistic and philosophical about life. You often need space to think things through.

You Are Energetic

You notice everything that is happening. You are observant, even when you’re distracted.
You are a vibrant person who can’t help but leave a mark on the world. You want to create something amazing.

You try to keep things flexible because you’re always picking a new path. You value adaptability.
You talk and walk quickly. You’ve got places to go and people to see.

I’ve got places to go (: haha. yepp. africa, where lions await

I dont drink.. but the martini test looks fun. and my results..

You Are Creative

You make the most out of life. You enjoy every moment and every experience you are given.
You are imaginative and even artistic. You believe the world is what you make of it.

You may be seriously talented, but you don’t take yourself too seriously.
You have a well developed sense of humor, and you can laugh at almost anything!

You Are Sweet

You are an ambitious person, but you temper your ambition with compassion and cooperation.
You would like to be successful, and you’d also like to help others as much as you can on the way up.

You seek balance in your life. You know you have a dominant personality, and you avoid coming on too strong.
You are more sensitive than you seem. You take criticism personally, and you are easily hurt.

this is the other test that I had a few results…

Deep Down You Are Tortured

You’re the type of person who has a very tumultuous past that still effects you today.
You can’t help but think that life is some sort of sick cosmic joke. You try to find your peace wherever you can.

You don’t show the world your darkest thoughts. You have a lot to endure, and your keeping it to yourself.
Your outlook can be surprisingly sunny at times. You’re an expert at picking yourself up when you fall.

Deep Down You Are Open

You’re the type of person who will welcome almost anyone into your life and heart.
You believe that it’s better to take a risk and get hurt than to close yourself off to the world.

You don’t show the world your fears or insecurities. You believe that your problems should be dealt with privately.
You try to be totally there for everyone, even if you’re hurting inside. Helping others is how you heal.

Deep Down You Are Eccentric

You’re the type of person who has unusual interests, beliefs, and practices. You’ve always been a bit of a weirdo.
You don’t care much for rules or tradition. You do things your way and let the chips fall where they may.

You show the world everything about you. You have nothing to hide, and you just laugh off those who judge you.
You wish everyone was more like you. There’s a lot of joy in being a non-conformist.

You Are an Intimate Wedding

Love makes you feel warm and comforted. You may not need much in this world, but you need the love of those you’re close to to survive.
To be unloved would be heartbreaking for sure, but you would never give up hope. Even if you felt all alone in the world, you’re sure you could make new connections.

For you, romantic loving is about giving your all and not worrying about what you’ll get back in return. Keeping score ruins a relationship.
Besides, your ideal partner would naturally want to give as much as possible too. That’s what makes you a perfect match.

Your Rock Anthem is “I Love Rock N’ Roll”

Pure and simple, you love to rock. There isn’t much more to it than that.
As far as the lifestyle goes, you’ll skip the wild sex and illegal drugs.

The music is more than enough for you, and of all types, you’re the most likely to make your own.
Sometimes you just need to rock, and you can’t rest until you do!

You Are a Leather Jacket

You are very sleek and stylish. You always look put together, and you have a knack for fashion.
It’s likely that you live in the city – or at least feel more comfortable in urban spaces.

You are cosmopolitan and open minded. You understand a lot about the world.
You are well traveled or desire to be. You love experiencing other cultures and places.

You Are Cyclops

Dedicated and responsible, you will always remain loyal to your cause.
You are a commanding leader – after all, you can kill someone just by looking at them.

Power: force beams from your eyes

You Are a Black Coffee

At your best, you are: low maintenance, friendly, and adaptable

At your worst, you are: grumpy and stressed

You drink coffee when: you can get your hands on it

Your caffeine addiction level: high


You Are a Caramel Brulée Latte

You are sophisticated and classy. You tend to be more of a simple pleasures type of person.
You understand how important quality is, and you’re not fooled by cheap knockoffs or imitations.

You are understated and elegant. You have a lot of natural grace, and it takes you far.
Your tastes and influences are a blend of new and traditional, high brow and low brow. You mix it all together beautifully!

true on simple pleasures part =D

Your Vision is Bright

More than anything else, you’d like people to be brighter, happier, and more optimistic.
It’s minds like yours that have inspired people to live meaningful lives and treat one another better.

You have always been spirited and energetic. You feel driven to do good.
You feel most alive when you feel like you are making a difference in someone else’s life. That’s where you really shine.

Your Vision is Unique

More than anything else, you’d like to see a world that is more creative, expressive, and wise.
It’s minds like yours who have changed the world through innovation and inventions.

You have always been a trailblazer. You see new possibilities every day.
You feel most alive when you are left alone to dream, plan, and create.

You Are Creative

You see the world in interesting and unique ways. You are definitely a visionary.
You are constantly being inspired to create something new. You are a natural artist.

You see beauty in almost everything. You can appreciate people for who they truly are.
You are authentic and honest. You may be a bit quirky, but you never hide the real you.

You Are Compassionate Toward the World

You are a true humanitarian. You care deeply for everyone on this planet.
If you were independently wealthy, you would be a huge philanthropist.

Since you’re not rich yet, you do what you can to help everyone around you.
It’s likely that you are active with charities and always willing to help a friend.

Yepp. So please buy my works for $10,000.00. (: The animals and trees need help.

You Are a Solid Breakfast

You are responsible and dedicated. You tend to have a routine and stick to it.
People sometimes see you as shy, but you warm up quickly once you know someone.

You tend to be a bit of a geek. You read a lot and have a mind for facts and figures.
When making a decision, you try to be as responsible as possible. You weigh every detail carefully.

You Are Imaginative

You are a dreamy, head in the clouds type of person. You love to imagine different worlds and lives.
You use your mind to escape boredom and sadness. You have a rich and delightful inner world.

You are a true romantic, in every sense of the word. You value love, and you have notions of how you want the world to be.
And while you are often buried in your own thoughts, you are also quite selfless. Part of your grand vision involves helping others.

You Are Dumplings

You are cute, polite, and considerate. You are well known for your generosity, and you truly love to share.
You have a real style and presence about you. You know how to take the simplest thing and make it look chic.

You tend to order carefully and conservatively off the menu of life. Simplicity is your motto, and you don’t like to take on too much at once.
You are the type of person who does one thing at a time, really immersing yourself in the moment. You detest multitasking.

You Are Buttermilk Pancakes

Your prefer traditional, old fashioned foods.
You shy away from anything fake, and you like meals with simple ingredients.

It’s not likely someone would find margarine or diet soda in your kitchen.
Instead, someone might find a loaf of homemade bread baking or a soup simmering.

You Are a Danish

You are sweet and optimistic. You find a lot to be happy about in this world, and you are easy on yourself.
You love to take it easy, and you prefer when things are peaceful. You don’t mind a little solitude.

Because you are your own best friend, you find it easy to be a good friend to others.
You are patient and kind. You understand that people need acceptance more than anything else.

You Are Sensitive

You are very intuitive and insightful. You understand what’s going on around you without needing to be told.
You are naturally nurturing and caring. You look out for people, even if they don’t ask you to.

You tend to stay attached to those you love. It’s hard for you to let go when you need to.
You are in touch with your emotions. You know exactly what you’re feeling and why you’re feeling it.

You Are Solid and Honest

Your sense of humor is goofy and silly. You try to never hurt people with your jokes.

You are the type of person who does well with math, writing, and other academic subjects. You are a good student.

You have fun when you’re doing something new. You crave novelty and different experiences.

You are the type of person who completes projects easily. You like to do one thing at a time.

You Are a Burger

You are a down to earth person and a straight shooter. You don’t fall for fads or trends.
You are stable and a bit old fashioned. Tradition and loyalty are important to you.

You are a good friend and you like to have a good time. You find it easy to kick back.
You’re not one to make waves in life. You’re happy just to be a part of the fun.

You Are Wendy’s

There’s something old school and quaint about you. You appreciate quality and like doing things the right way.
You are down to earth and practical. You want a meal that’s filling and tasty… nothing more.

It’s likely that your taste and habits haven’t changed much over the years. Why mess with what’s working?
You are calm and easily satisfied. You find a lot to be happy with in life, and you are truly content.

Your Cupcake Says You Are Your Own Biggest Fan

At parties, you tend to be laid back and even a bit shy. You are an observer.

You have lots of restraint in your life. You never are victim to your desires.

The most important thing in your life is love.

You are dominant, vain, and a bit of a show off. To know you is to worship you.

You are Intellectual and Expressive

You are sensitive and a bit careful. You don’t like to take risks, and you always pamper yourself a bit.

You tend to go to your friends for advice and opinions. You value what your friends have to say.

You have an idealistic take on life. Things aren’t perfect, but you’re doing your best to change them.

Spending time alone doesn’t change your mood much. You tend to just relax and rest when you’re alone.

You Are Curious and Bright

You are a highly inquisitive person. You are always questioning the world.
You want to figure things out. You can’t be content without knowing the real scoop.

You are logical and analytical. In fact, you are downright brainy.
You like a challenge. Nothing feels better for you than mastering a difficult task.

You Are Pumpkin Bread

You are considerate and generous. Your heart warms when you’re able to do something unexpectedly nice for someone else.
You know it can be a cold world out there, and you have plenty of happiness to spread around.

You try to give as much as possible every day, and you know that small acts of kindness can often mean the much.
Whether you’re being a good listener or sharing a slice of your pumpkin bread, people feel lucky to be able to count on you.

You Are Bright and Cheerful

You’re the type of person who always has something to smile about. If the sun is shining and the birds are singing, that’s enough for you.
Other people find you to be a breath of fresh air. You have a childlike innocence that others lack.

You like to make other people smile, and you’re likely to say something to lighten the mood.
You want to be a joy to be around, and you try to keep your problems and worries to yourself.

I’m having alot of food cravings. ): ):


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