shut up

before I snap and punch you in the face. seriously.

I keep quiet because if I give you a reply, it’ll be something that sends your BP sky rocketing.

me? lack of self discipline? wtf? I’m hearing this from somebody who sits infront of the TV 7pm to midnight and beyond, from the person who snacks mindlessly despite knowing he has weight problems, a person who doesnt help his wife out inthe kitchen. A person who emphasizes on health but leads the trashiest lifestyle and diet ever. The person who insists on healthy breakfast but buys the disgustingly oily hawker food. omg. i shalnt elaborate further.

guys/men are really bastards. All chauvanistic control freaks who dont reflect on themselves while pointing the finger at others acting all high and mighty and morally lofty. yuckk


seriously. another word and I’ll really snap. its ok to reprimand me all you want, dont implicate her. animals (dead or alive are innocent. nth to do with your unhappiness about me) Stroke of bad luck that she has hereditary disease? WTF. seriously. WHAT THE FUCK. Yeah, you’re right, even a brilliant man like LLKY says the wrong things. what more you? stop acting like a douche. Just because your pathetic ego needs assurance doesnt give you the right to boss people around and make mountains out of molehills. Certainly being my dad doesnt give you the privilege of having me obey every instruction of yours regardless if I find them reasonable or not. Like you said, humans have a brain to process logic and emotions. I DONT THINK ITS REASONABLE TO EAT MEEPOK WITH SO MUCH SAMBAL AND CHILLI OIL FOR BREAKFAST WHEN I’M HAVING A SORE THROAT.

I dotn waste food. I swear I dont. BUT that doesnt mean I’ll eat it at the expense of making my 4month sore throat worse and making my stomach queasy the entire day. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH CHECKING MY MAIL AFTER BREAKFAST IN BED? oh I forgot, you just hate it for no apparent reason because you’re cranky today. WTF.

I’d appreciate it if you could stop pretending to be ‘tolerant’ by saying, “normally when you’re doing your schoool related stuffs I keep quiet. but now you’re checking mail and browsing yahoo news. why cant you do it in the living room?”

you know why? because you’re a control freak who doesnt respect privacy. thats why.


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