I don’t need you to provide for me because that’s why I have two hands and two feet. I don’t need you to tell me where to go and who to be with because that’s why I have a mind and experiences of my own. I don’t need you to cook, clean, or even bathe … Continue reading

jobless day #1

i miss work already. ): Even though I hate trying to be diplomatic with retardedly unreasonable people who are inconsiderate of others. I really think my colleagues there have many qualities I can learn from. Like my senior who endured the loneliness of being in a foreign country alone just to earn a living to … Continue reading

<img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-510″ title=”coupleshot” src=”; alt=” 16th July 2000 – 23rd November 2010 this is one of the best parts of my life. to be allowed to keep a cat. i had the best 10years of my life. thank you. Though you weren’t able to see me through my 21st. but I’m glad I … Continue reading

if I’m allowed to be greedy…

I’d want… #1. everybody I care about to be safe, happy and healthy everyday until the end of time. #2. all the animals on earth to be free and safe from hunting, abuse and exploitation. #3. to be perfect in all ways deemed by people I value. #4. to travel around the world helping the … Continue reading

22nd june 2011

I just turned 21 37minutes ago. Hmmmm… I think I wasted my usual ‘birthday wish’ 2 years ago on people who wont appreciate my hopes of them being happy in life. This year I hope my wish/prayer will come true, because I think some people in my life really need bliss. ): but I’m really … Continue reading

You Are Reserved Some may find you to be a bit harsh, but if anything you are a realist. You see things as they are. You are shy when it comes to romance. You are the type of person who waits to be approached. You are both practical and courageous. You are willing to act … Continue reading

Gemini Degree: 19° 36′ People with the Moon in the same degree Communicative, easily adaptable, agile, curious and changeable. Likes to read and meet new people, hates doing same stuff for ages. The Moon in Gemini gives an urge towards making changes and an unconscious need for communication. Any life situation these people are in, … Continue reading


You Are Motivated By Purpose You are optimistic about the days and years to come. You think things are getting better and better. You are a visionary. You are a dreamer, but your dreams are less crazy than they seem. You may not show it easily, but you have a lot of compassion in your … Continue reading

newest blogthings quiz as of 13/06/2011newest bloghtings quiz as of 13/06/2011

You Are Baroque You have a strong personality. You are who you are, and you’re darn proud of it. You are quite guarded. You feel reluctant to reveal your true self to others. You think on a whole other plane. You see patterns and logic where others see chaos. You are comfortable with theories. Abstract … Continue reading

random articles I read while trying to sleep

1. When your spouse comes to you with a problem, you downplay it, saying, “Things will get better in time,” or “You’re blowing this out of proportion.” 2. When something bothers you, you don’t tell your spouse because your spouse should know not to act this way without you saying anything! 3. Your relationship with … Continue reading