I’m scrapbooking! =D have been making some hand made paper and embedding stuffs inside. reminds of the series of paper I made in poly that got stolen. >=( art theft is bad.

BUT. I’m glad I’ve gathered so many inspiring images and prints and textures. gonna experiment more on organic pigmentation. so interesting!!! ❤




I just dig out some vintage envelopes handed to me from my mum. OMG! so nice. i love the feel of pulpy paper free of excessive processing and chemicals to smooth the surface or make it glossy/glittery/etc. and then I’m looking through all the postcards I’ve collected. I feel really happy. its like so many years of ‘plans’ for a scrapbook. now I feel like I’ve finally collected enough stuffs and established my identity to embark on the project.


and then theres the pile of notebooks I collect. I do feel guilty for fueling paper consumption. BUT. I swear I’ll reforest the amazon as much as possible and recycle my textbooks, lecture notes, etc. =D I’m in the midst of cutting out the stuffs I need. once its done, it’ll start printing out pictures. I CANT WAIT ❤ and then theres gonna be a section dedicated to my travels. Starting with the taiwan trip. its so rare to see my mum so supportive me backpacking and travelling budget and ‘unglam’. haha. I think she has accepted that I’m partially bohemian. or maybe she thinks by walking more and living is less posh places I wont eat as much as gain weight during my trip? lol. alls good as long as shes suportive and understanding.

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