its plastic

I’ve never thought I look good. but I didnt think I’ll hate enhancing my looks with make up this much.

when you’re tired and stressed out by work. the last thing you wanna do is wake up 30minutes earlier just so you can wear make up. Grrrr.

when I was younger. (think me from 16 – 18) I had really low self esteem topped with this tendency to try to be tougher than I am. I so used to make myself appear as dark and scary as possible to keep people out. Now that I think back, thats always how I’ve viewed make up, something to hide my real face; my true self. And I can’t believe I have to sacrifice sleep just to wear make-up for work. Grrr. cant wait till I quit.




ok. enough of my working rants.


❤ love. I miss this nostalgic teenage angst sound. hahaha. mock me for being childish for all I care. I love this song

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