“I wonder if you’re aware that you have an inner radar in you to initiate befriending weirdos?”

“what? no”

“you see, when we were kids, you ignored Sophia, the glam popular queen B, when she walked up to you and offered you her polly pocket toy. You walked over to the boy who likes barbie dolls and the ordinary boy who is actually the son of a mistress and raised with resentment by the lawful wife. You could be friends with all the cool and popular kids, but since 5 you started walking the unconventional path”


“if you havent realized, you have the power in you to gather people who are weaker than you and make them feel secure and slowly heal their wounds. At the same time, you make it effortless and natural, you dont even make people feel like they are people in Calcutta and you’re Moth Theresa.”

“Are you asking me to be a nun?”

“NO! I meant, you are actually alot more intuitive than you realize and you are subconsciously searching for people who are broken inside to help them. Its not a bad thing, but I’m just saying you should be selective about who you mix with incase you meet another psycho like your ex. Luckily now if a normal person tries to befriend you, you’ll accept their friendship.”

you know, I think cow is my strongest, most glib-tongued and sweetest sisterly figure. lol


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