jobless day #1

i miss work already. ): Even though I hate trying to be diplomatic with retardedly unreasonable people who are inconsiderate of others. I really think my colleagues there have many qualities I can learn from. Like my senior who endured the loneliness of being in a foreign country alone just to earn a living to support her parents, 2 older brothers who are bums and her younger brother who is wasting money in university flunking some subjects. whats cooler about her is that she never once dweller in self-pity, shes always gritting her teeth and trying to help others. ❤

of course there are my fellow temp staffs whom are my main source of emotional support when I felt tired, sick and whenever I’m annoyed by customers.


hah. and dear eyecandy, you always make my day. I love your retardedness. 😛



haha. I guess its good to be busy/productive and learning new things, facing new challenges. I was really surprised when I was told that I looked realy professional and happy when I interacted with people. Actually, its not true. I just see it as my duty, so like it or not, I try my best to do it well as I deem fit. And  that actually scares me, because that sounds like a trait of a workaholic who loses his/her identity to work. But thankfully I think I’m not entirely a workaholic, because the moment I feel like I can shed my ‘duties’ even for a moment, I am myself again. I guess that probably explains those moments when I’m asked by my seniors at work if I’m ok. Somebody even suspected that I cried. Most of the people there are really sweet, I’m really glad to have gone through the past 3 weeks of ‘torture’ because I really feel like I’ve came out a slightly better person, I’ve really put the ‘never judge a book by its cover’ , ‘give people another chance’ , ‘smile at your enemies’ , ‘forgive but never forget’ , ‘never be calculative’ , ‘reach out to those in need’ mottos of mine into action. I’m  really proud of myself. At the same time I’m even more positive that while most of us think that we’re like the sole person putting in effort, its actually not true. Men are never alone, my work has kinda shown me that though sometimes it seems like I get thrown to do the more laborious jobs while some slackers slack, I’m constantly being supported by other hardworking people too. ❤

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