I don’t need you to provide for me because that’s why I have two hands and two feet.

I don’t need you to tell me where to go and who to be with because that’s why I have a mind and experiences of my own.

I don’t need you to cook, clean, or even bathe me but that would be a nice gesture.

I don’t need you to buy, make, or pay for anything so as to keep me in your life.

I don’t need your friends to agree with what I do, for, or to you because I live only for the love of you and not them.

I do need you to be there when I need comfort.

I do need you to give me a kind word when I’m upset or down.

I do need for you to make love to me as if it was the first and last time each and every time, so it’s always forthcoming and genuine.

I do need you to forsake all others just to be able to hold me at night.

I do need you to grow with me spiritually for I am an apple atop of a tree (so brother please start climbing b/c this tree steadily grows).

I just wanted to let you know that if there is a time that I need you, it is never because of the tangible things that I can touch or see (even though it is a nice reminder).

But the reason that I need any man is because I choose him to be mine and mine alone to grow with me and experience life as God allows me to live it.

Do not get me wrong, the man I choose has to get out and make his living just like any other b/c in the Good Book, it says “a man who doesn’t work doesn’t eat”. (2Thessalonians 3:10)

I choose a man to be with me not on looks, how his dough flow, or good manners but on the essence of his nature and the beauty of his spirit.

For in these intangible things brings the life, love, and beauty contained in the love that grows in a relationship.

Can you be that man that I choose?

Answer wisely and not too quickly.;_ylt=ArqsfBVtpKjrJzRRiH40mAuBbqU5


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