function over fashion

yeah, a boyfriend now wouldn’t be to make me look good. it’ll be to make my life easier. so heres a list of things I’ll do IF i get a boyfriend.   #1. fall asleep on the bus while he watches out for the destination. #2. let my shoulders rest while he carries my bag. … Continue reading

facts about me #14 – #20

#14. I’ve thought about rowing an inflatable life buoy all across the pacific before #15. I used to make 21 the ideal age to get married and 23 the age to have my first child. #16. I used to think I can grow wings if I ate chicken wings faithfully (just like how I ate … Continue reading

tick tock tick tick ticking away

i think my optimism and self-delusion gets over-heated and malfunctions when I’m sick. So I spent the entire day feeling crappy about resting and not doing anything (apart from updating my playlist what I’ll play when I do my work).   “you’re getting too old to have the luxury to make mistakes”, says Mum. Geesh, … Continue reading


tired of being frustrated. Sometimes, I just wish I’ll settle down with a simple guy, be a home maker while painting and potting at home, selling them. Teaching kids basic art and live a simple life.

thoughts on the art-making train ride thinking

when it looks like you’ve got a snake/worm burrowing beneath your skin… gah. I think I’ve been doing counter-productive ceramics practice the past few days. I don’t stop for breaks and i ignore those cramps. Now I’ve got what I deserve and my wrists hurts like hell. this week is like a roller coaster ride. … Continue reading

weekly dose of happiness

is when you get to draw alone and meet people you ❤

I never thought I’m perfect, but I know everyday I’m conscientiously bring to become better by following my parents’ teachings. I am learning how to take care of myself. I know you care. but stop magnifying my imperfections and try appreciating my efforts. ): I know I do spend a lot of my time at … Continue reading


“looking back at old photos with friends, some made me go all happy and nostalgic while some made me wonder why I wasted my time trying to bond with people who were and will be perpetually and solely self-centered and fake” a random reflection while hunting for pictures to stick on my casing i love … Continue reading

random. <3

we don’t even know each other’s name, just a familiar face in a familiar place but I think you make my day. its nice to see a polite guy that smiles and bothers to drop by and say hi when he see me (sometimes I may not acknowledge him at first due to my myopia … Continue reading

random f acts about me #5 – #13

#5. I would love to keep Norwegian forest cats (tabby), maine coon, caracals, ocicats, savannah cats, siamese cats, tokinese and egyptian mau #6. My future partner/husband must not be afraid of cockroaches #7. I won’t mind sharing my studio with a painter. #8. I would like to turn a garden swing into a bed #9. … Continue reading