affair of the hair’s aesthetics

was going through my brushes and touching them made me reminisce those days where I’d spend hours trying to find the right brushes (at an affordable price).

Firstly, I’m not a fan of fur and leather. Its pretty known to everybody. From both an artist (soon-to-be) and a normal person, I don’t think animals have to die for aesthetics. Not in the process of art making nor to die for personal aesthetic expression through means of clothing’s. Fur and skin looks best on the animal its on. A cruel human is ugly no matter how much adornment of exotic and luscious epidermis membrane. No doubt those saber and badger hair brushes are of the finest quality, but as an artist, I believe skill and concept overcomes the handicap of using of second to top-notch equipments. Endangered animals didn’t have to die to make our painting exceptionally moving or beautiful.

I’ve gotten more flexible about the whole fur and leather issue. If the skin comes from an animal that men has killed for food, I think the usage of its skin or fur/hair for other products is a resourceful way of not wasting the animal’s life. Of course, if every product obtains its material from an animal without having it die, that’ll be ideal. But I’m not naive, I know this won’t happen. All I’m hoping for is that the use of saber brushes will be discouraged, the trickle up effect will cause retailers to stop placing orders and manufacturers will cease producing hence hunters stop killing and these animals will be given time to repopulate and recover its population density.

Imagine bearing the sin of contributing to the extinction of a species simple for satisfying an artistic ego of possessing and using the finest brush. Its either you believe you’re the only species entitled to the rights to live, or that you’re never given much thought to how your belongings came about or that you’re simply cruel or two or all of the above applies to you. I cannot imagine tainting my art with the knowledge that I’m creating it with something i killed an innocent life while as an artist all I aspire to achieve is aesthetics that inspires lives and is inspired by life. Its like a retarded tattoo of shame. Undoable.

Its Nylon fiber brushes for me all the way.


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