met up with fafa for a short while today. ❤ cherish all those impromptu short meet ups. really shows that people care enough to try to find time to meet up so I can see them (:

last friday was claire's birthday celebration. I proud to know a strong and motivated unique individual like her!

and fai is enlisting on the 9th! go forth! may clarity and enlightenment strike you when you're on the ferry!

and celebrated anisah's birthday today! love my friends to bits! people who truly care will try to be there no matter and will always try to understand and never judge. entering NAFA has taught me a lot of stuffs; including how some friends I thought were true are actually all talk and all about the glam photos posted on fb to show 95% of their astronomical 'friendlist' on social networking sites consisting of acquaintances how cool and got-a-life they are.

anyways. yeah. people that I love, you know who you are. I am proud of you guys and aint stingy with my care. (:

P.S fafa, this post is personally enough, right??

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  1. 煎饼猫 says:

    HAHAHHAHA! Yeah! Personal enough! More of these prease!

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