Early New Year’s Rsolution for 2012

well, incase 2012 is really the end of the world (which i think is bullshit) and i don’t have enough time to make my new year’s resolution come true because i procrastinate a lot and well, 1 year is just not enough.. So I’m gonna list them down early…

#1. Stop borrowing friends money. Even though I have very little attachment to money, it sucks that people you love take it for granted that you’ll always be willing to give them financial aids and they either intentionally or unintentionally forget to return you the money. I’m feeling really broke because if I manage to collect back all the money I spent on some people, I can afford a 18″ macbook pro.

#2. Convince my mum to have pets again

#3. Buy myself more clothes, shoes, etc

#4. Stop eating like a pig

#5. Get rid of even more ‘friends’

#6. Become a prolific artist

#7. Become financially stable enough to pay rental for studio

#8. Travel more

#9. Noah’s Ark project

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