random f acts about me #5 – #13

#5. I would love to keep Norwegian forest cats (tabby), maine coon, caracals, ocicats, savannah cats, siamese cats, tokinese and egyptian mau

#6. My future partner/husband must not be afraid of cockroaches

#7. I won’t mind sharing my studio with a painter.

#8. I would like to turn a garden swing into a bed

#9. I would also love to keep golden retrievers, german shepherds, huskies and afghan hounds.

#10. I would like my home to be a lively, happy animal shelter. ( I have breeds i like, but I don’t discriminate against mix breeds ❤ )

#11. I can’t wait to be somehow financially stable to make my dreams come true.

#12. I wanna travel the world with a camera on hand and take beautiful pictures and return to my studio to make art inspired by my journeys.

#13. I would like to setup an animal shelter and wildlife conservation fund every country I visit.



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