“looking back at old photos with friends, some made me go all happy and nostalgic while some made me wonder why I wasted my time trying to bond with people who were and will be perpetually and solely self-centered and fake” a random reflection while hunting for pictures to stick on my casing

i love friends who bother to call just to say hi during periods of absence. for those who cast you in second place and not care, they aint true friends at all. shame on me for wasting time, efforts and money on them. should have just pampered myself. but then again, its just me to pamper people I love, and regret shortly after because I realize most people only love themselves and pretend to be concerned for others. maybe i’m vindicated, jaded, disillusioned, disappointed and disheartened. but at this point of time, I think its time to just care for myself and people that I want in my life till the end of time. getting too old to have the luxury of wasting resources on people who won’t mater in time to come. probably a good look at my laptop and you’ll know who my friends-for-life are ❤

we (p, c and I) miss our toy boy who is getting sunburnt in the military island. (:

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