I never thought I’m perfect, but I know everyday I’m conscientiously bring to become better by following my parents’ teachings. I am learning how to take care of myself.

I know you care. but stop magnifying my imperfections and try appreciating my efforts. ):

I know I do spend a lot of my time at home (intact almost all) in front of the computer on the internet, but I’m not bumming away. I’m reading news, watching documentaries, reading about inspiring people learning from them stuffing knowledge into my brain.

“just because you’re lucky to be born slightly smarter doesn’t mean you can be complacent and not put in effort for your studies.” ): worst kind of insult ever. I’m trying. but when I stay in school too late, you guys complain of me hanging out outside till late. gahh, so tough to find the balance.

but my brother is being a moron. period.

oh, and the endless lessons going on and on on respect. for elders, for friends, for mentors, for the system, for rules, for society. Maybe its just me, but i think I’m being encouraged to conform. And my dad just said he same thing in the same tone my ceramics lecturer said. YUCKKK. biggest turn off ever. because these are the kind of people that ignores my efforts (or rather weren’t there to witness it) and then blames me for being arrogant, complacent and rude.

ok. I should stop.


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