tick tock tick tick ticking away

i think my optimism and self-delusion gets over-heated and malfunctions when I’m sick. So I spent the entire day feeling crappy about resting and not doing anything (apart from updating my playlist what I’ll play when I do my work).


“you’re getting too old to have the luxury to make mistakes”, says Mum.

Geesh, I know that! thats why I’m getting upset about resting. GAHH. ok. at least I feel ready to tackle bullshit all over again on monday. (: my plan for next week..


Monday: 9am – 5pm -> Ceramics. 5.30pm-10.00pm -> draw

Tuesday: 9am-6pm -> School. 6.30pm – 10pm -> draw

Wednesday: 9am-5pm -> School (full day ceramics). 5pm -> Digital art

Thursay: 9am – 1pm -> Research for essay/write up. 2pm – 4pm -> School. 4.30pm – 10pm -> Draw/Digital art

Friday: 9am – 12pm ->School. 1pm – 6pm -> Ceramics. 7pm – 10pm -> School

Saturday: 10am – 10pm -> Draw/Oil Painting

Sunday: 12noon – 6pm -> Watercolour



Schedule for the next 6/7weeks. gotta become a super prolific artist by the end of this academic year. >:)  -makes a determined face-

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