facts about me #14 – #20

#14. I’ve thought about rowing an inflatable life buoy all across the pacific before

#15. I used to make 21 the ideal age to get married and 23 the age to have my first child.

#16. I used to think I can grow wings if I ate chicken wings faithfully (just like how I ate breast to try to develop more mammalian glands)

#17. I once thought if i practice hard enough, I could talk to animals.

#18. And I looked for a dolphins to befriend whenever I go to the beach hoping one day the dolphin will bring me to meet its dolphin friends

#19. I used to collect seashells and bring it with me everywhere because I read that people in the past used seashells as currency

#20. I used to pretend the laundry basket is my shell and I’m a hermit crab/tortoise.

ok. enough of my childhood stupidity. its getting embarrassing

facts about me #5 – #13

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