on the first monday of October

i started the month great. went to catch Yayoi Kusama before the exhibition ended, had plenty of rest, relaxed at home, did some online shopping. had a lot of ‘me’ time. (:

the older i get, the more ‘me’ time I seem to find myself demanding. t can be really tiring dealing with people even though you don’t dislike them.

down side, my cough doesn’t seem to go away and the moment i feel even the slightest bit of exhaustion, the condition aggravates into a full night of random violent coughs that prevents me form getting proper sleep. not forgetting my nose seems perpetually blocked and recently i find my breathing getting audible and heavy. geesh, hopefully the daily dose of green tea and 15minutes jog will help me get my pink back. sucks being unhealthy when you feel ready to conquer the world.


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