all my life i wanted to make a difference. I realized what I’ve wanted/wished for has never changed but my emphasis, approach and focus shifts. After some years of discovery, I’m finally in the right place. But something is still not quite complete.

Things I’ve always ben passionate about, Animal rights, environmental conservation, certain human rights (i’d like to help people), and aesthetics.

First I wanted to be a biologist or Nat Geo/BBC/Discovery channel producer to promote environmental conservation. then I wanted to make the world a p be a designer to make the world a prettier place while promoting anti fur and leather as well as organic products. Then I wanted to be a humanitarian to feed the hungry as well as try to raise funds to irrigate man-made african dessert/waste lands. Then I realized I’ll need power/money/fame in order to achieve all these. So I’ve decided to be a successful artist since I love to draw and make things and try to be famous.

THEN. I realized one flaw.. I’m actually very introverted beneath my somewhat socially comfortable exterior. So now I’ve decided to be a teacher. Because I can cultivate all these values I think are crucial for the future generations and hopefully I can change the world one class at a time.

of course, I hope I’ll become an influential artist that feeds the hungry minds and empty souls of modern humanity and hopefully in the process earn enough money to irrigate Africa and reforest the amazon and stop enhanced greenhouse effect and save the polar bears’ homes and help the coral reef recover and stop a lot of animals from being extinct and rid dengue from the himalayas, etc.

I’m getting old, may my breakthrough come soon.


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