maslow + frued = enlightened me?

maslow’s hierarchy of needs (taken from,r:2,s:16) I’m sure many of you have heard of maslow’s. if you haven’t, please spend more time in the company of books instead of shopping malls and dance floors with booming loud music. Anyways, with reference of Freud’s theorem about the Id, Ego and Superego, we all know that everything … Continue reading

progress for my watercolor, drawing and oil isn’t going as planned. ): i can’t manage to finish up my watercolor piece today. but not he brighter note, I am quite happy with the glaze firing results of my vases ❤ they turned out really contemporary-ish! can’t wait to return to school next week to resume … Continue reading

chicken thoughts round and about life

I saw my mum cleaning a whole chicken she bought from the market and it brought back images of the chicken slaughtering process she made me watch whenever our family went back to indonesia.. The chickens’ wings have gotten much smaller from what i recalled.. My mum will always tell me, “don’t ask for the … Continue reading

I’ve always been intrigued by how people can hold an umbrella with a hand and continue steering their bicycle with another in a heavy downpour. I’d surely have rode my way into the crib or canal.

i think if i cried just now instead of holding it till i reach home, I wouldn’t have felt so shitty. gahh. annoyed with myself.

23.11.2010 359days later

i hope you’re happily chasing your cute little tail in paradise, I hope you get to eat all the fish you want. I hope the blankets and pillows are soft and warm. I hope you get all the rose wood chairs you love to scratch so much. I hope you’re happy in the better place. … Continue reading

i hope its not my face looking ultra anti social and emo/stress/tired. OMG. WHATS WRONG!?!?! TALK TO ME NORMALLY PLEASE.

I need to…

#1. come to terms that I have very low self esteem that i can’t handle on my own and I am too wound up to let anybody help me with it. #2. accept that I can never protect, safe and/or please everybody that is dear to me #3. be less considerate of people without feeling … Continue reading

reflecting on the 10.11.2011

you know, I think I really need help. I have this unrealistic expection for myself and I try my best to achieve it using realistic, sane, logical and realistic approach. I expect nothing but perfection of myself and I have taught myself to not expect anything from anybody for as long as I can remember. … Continue reading

untitled 10.11.2011

I cry not because I’m sad, rather I’m so happy I can’t contain the feelings in. Even though its purely fictional, I’m happy whenever somebody’s life has a happy ending. I’m glad that somebody goes to bed feeling contented, being appreciated for who they are and is not guilty for being who they are. I’m … Continue reading