chicken thoughts round and about life

I saw my mum cleaning a whole chicken she bought from the market and it brought back images of the chicken slaughtering process she made me watch whenever our family went back to indonesia..

The chickens’ wings have gotten much smaller from what i recalled.. My mum will always tell me, “don’t ask for the wing! its the smallest! you should bulk up your protein intake” whenever I order food outside. Logically speaking, the wings should take up a considerable ratio of an avian creature’s body, even if its not airborne. BUT because the poultry raised as fuel for humans are caged up, injected with growth hormones and subjected to many inhumane procedures, they have ‘EVOLVED’ or should i say mutated (pardon the blunt expression) into creatures with amphibian-esque proportions. just look at the chickens you get form the market, they look quite frog like. seriously.

BUT. if we were to raise all livestocks like how we keep our pets, would farmers still have the heart to sell them to slaughterhouses? Then it lead me to another idea. everything on earth has somewhat of a ‘fate’. for instance, some trees get to grow for as long as t hey biologically can, while some are chopped down, out of those that fell, some made into instruments, furnitures to be cherished, some were used as firewood and the trace of their existence would just ignite into a temporary glow and then turn into a pile of sludge. Have you wondered why even though we’re all classified as living things, some lives are the lives of animals, while some end up homo sapiens and we have decided upon ourselves that we have the privilege of trampling on other lives for our own endeavors?

I wonder if those chickens in the cages, if they ever had a glimpse of the skies and saw birds flying, blamed life and nature for how unfair it is that they were born into this tragic fate of eternal captive in farm only to be killed before their natural life is due.

At the end of the day, I think I despise myself for being weak. So powerless to change how unfair life is on a universal scale and only ale to resent the system via thoughts and expressions but never able to quite defeat it.


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