progress for my watercolor, drawing and oil isn’t going as planned. ): i can’t manage to finish up my watercolor piece today. but not he brighter note, I am quite happy with the glaze firing results of my vases ❤ they turned out really contemporary-ish! can’t wait to return to school next week to resume my intensive practice. but this week was generally quite fulfilling too! I got to rest, read and do quite a bit of technical research. so i’m once again optimistic about experimenting.

to be honest, the lecturers; remarks during post assessment debrief got to me. I was really upset when they said the ceramics major were ‘too safe’ we didn’t utilize the versatility of clay to make impressive pieces. but the thing is, as year 2s, we’re not allowed to. we’re learning in a very restrained environment so basically we couldn’t explore any abstract ceramics works. oh wells… its over. no point brooding over sem 1. I’m just looking forward to practicing and hopefully become nearly as good as my other classmates and fire 1 abstract piece before the next semester starts. (:


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