maslow + frued = enlightened me?

maslow’s hierarchy of needs (taken from,r:2,s:16)

I’m sure many of you have heard of maslow’s. if you haven’t, please spend more time in the company of books instead of shopping malls and dance floors with booming loud music. Anyways, with reference of Freud’s theorem about the Id, Ego and Superego, we all know that everything co-exists (though not necessarily equally and in balance)

but if the basic physiological and safety needs belongs to the jurisdiction of our ‘Id’ were by its men’s most primal instinct for survival, where by only by security our ability for survival then can we progress to peruse bigger and better things with our lives.

the ego will govern ‘love and belonging’. Ego being an individual’s behavior based on how society has conditioned him to be. Since ancient men have live in groups to ensure survival, not because we’re noble selfless and helpful creatures, but because we know we’re weak and powerless against nature hence we huddle together like a bunch of tube worms do to increase survival rates. tube worms budged themselves together knowing that when their predators come, their chafes of survival will be higher because their chances of being ‘picked out’ will decrease as the size of their colony increases. like wise for men, we initially hunted in groups because we understood the power of quantities. then their comes a ‘sense of belonging’ because we know when we have earned our place in a certain group, our chances of survival increase because the likelihood of you being picked out by a predator is lower when you’re traveling in a group, then you know the sources of food increases to. and of course fulfilling the Id’s natural biological instinct to seek a mate becomes easier too. unlike other animals that travels miles to find a mate, men living in colonies can readily find one. Hence the third level (aka intermediate level) is basically just the Id masquerading in a more civilized manner.

finally we come to the super ego. men’s believes of of how he should be. aka ambition, lofty aspirations, career callings, etc. the way i see it, its once again a selfish intention to ensure safety of oneself, not for the better good on a mass level. logically, in any situation, the leader of the group (the president, the priest, the commander, etc) those who have satisfied their need for a position of respect in a community they ‘belong’ to are usually the ones being protected by the subordinates in times of danger. In short, we know that the more powerful/influential/depended upon we become, the likelier we’ll be protected by others in times of crisis. See? it still boils down tot he basic physiological needs. ultimately, no matter what happens, the Id is in control.

but after donkey years of existence and evolution, we have come up with theorems to make ourselves feel better about our ugly selfish nature. there was all the fancy titles assigned to various job, to imply the impression that all are equal, then there were men claiming to be religious, following all the holy virtues trying to be a preacher of goodness only to try to gain a following so that he becomes the figure of influence AKA the one that will be protected. there are too many examples that i can never cover extensively through the limits of a blog post but i guess if you are capable of thinking many more cases will surface in your mind.

its just a personal thought, of course I still believe that there is innocence and good in SOME men. and while penning my thoughts down I’m also reflecting and hoping I become somebody honest and morally decent to walk the walk I’ve spoken of.

of course the regression theorem is valid and I find it extremely relatable and widely observed and even personally unconsciously practice. BUT. I simply think that humans will lose control and let the Id have its say in times of trouble.

and you just heard my 5cents worth of thought. (:

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