as the year is coming to an end

you know that no matter a new year or the same old numbers you write is YYYY format. everyday is new day for new crap, emotions, surprises, hopes, disappointments, fatigue, routine, obligations, etc. Advertisements

Status: 25.12.2011 3am. SLEEPLESS

lets sit beside each other sharing a comforter listening to iron and wine’s flightless bird and american mouth. really bad idea re-reading the happy prince story. bawled my eyes out. pardon me, its just the past 3 weeks of bottled stress from home. do understand that all the screaming, sarcasm and impolite attitude won’t make … Continue reading


I received my first Christmas/New year greeting this year, from a childhood friend who is now happily married to his then boyfriend of 4years. “To my dearest little friend, may Santa finally stuff that special somebody into the biggest sock/stockings/legging you own. A guy that’ll take care of you for the rest of your life, … Continue reading

wouldn’t it be nice

I guess by now my friends pretty much know I’m a very earthy person and I gravitate boards anything bohemian and vintage… so… here are a few of the things I’d love to have (: one of the few ‘images of idea’

deep rooted believes

they always say “everything happens for a reason”. is that really true? is there really a reason for lightning to strike a random guy minding his own business walking home after work dead? is there a reason why one particular person is bullied? is there a reason why chickens were decided to be a food … Continue reading

dreaming with a confidant part 2

hahhaahaa eat grass trololo what about getting the magical goose that lay eggs? hoho but i’m not a cat and i don’t has ze cool spanish accent ): that movie was fantabuous *lous i love that cat that said :OHHH hahaha the one always extra i like the part when he’s in prison and acted … Continue reading

being internally neutral

you may say I’m jaded, but I often think being alone is better. my family has time after time again steered my thoughts in that direction. you see, when you’re with people, you experience happiness. Undeniable. but along with it comes disappointment, frustration, time wastage, anger, sadness, hurt. Being alone on the other hand, doesn’t … Continue reading

random expression of gratitude to be alive

though I get weary and lost, but everyday I am thankful for breathing, feeling, thinking, hearing, seeing, smelling and every other possible sensations you experience when you’re alive. I am very thankful for the abundance of food (thought I still think its excessive and unnecessary and its just us abusing how convenient food is for … Continue reading