festive blues and reds

i have a very small family and extend family but the drama is overwhelming. this new year, I feel the stress of being an adult. expectations to be an even more highly educated person, to be successful, to settle down yet not out-do some of my seniors. to be honest, after seeing 3 of my … Continue reading

things may not go our way all the time, but we’re lucky

I am thankful to be so blessed; with good friends, with caring + demanding, strict, often domineering parents, health, safety, my circumstances (birthplace, family status, etc) I may be quite upset that I can’t paint, draw, throw well enough. I often feel inferior about being short, ugly and untalented and average in all aspects. But … Continue reading

haunting weakness

i really hate being sick, feeling weak and helpless. the detestable feelings of not being able to summon strength to do things you want, need and like to do. to make it worse, this feeling has been going on for the whole week. ):

jumping into conclusions

Usually not big about dirty jokes, but this one is just hilarious..  

many things I don’t understand or have left them semi unfigured out

sometimes, things fall apart not because its broken, circumstance, people, feelings and expectations change. you drift apart and nothing needs to be fixed. some people are fickle, they can change their mind about what they want in snap. some are unsure and fear failure, so they act slowly but steadily to minimize risks some are … Continue reading

01.01.2012 IS HERE! (ok, so what?)

i’ve never been a fan of all these festive occasions. because I’ve always wanted to be a person that lives everyday to its fullest and I’ll never wait for any special dates to make my care and appreciation for people known. but I have to admit that ever since I’ve made a lot of really … Continue reading