01.01.2012 IS HERE! (ok, so what?)

i’ve never been a fan of all these festive occasions. because I’ve always wanted to be a person that lives everyday to its fullest and I’ll never wait for any special dates to make my care and appreciation for people known. but I have to admit that ever since I’ve made a lot of really good friends, I’ve been looking forward to all these little pockets of holiday time when people can afford to take some time off and meet up. A we get older, we spend more time at work, securing our finances and engrossed in our duties that people dear to us every often see less of us. Quite a pity, really, that we often end up compromising time with people we love to give them material comfort.

Met up with a fraction of the gang yesterday, and I was looking through the pictures of christmas when I realized how much we’ve changed but still remained intact as a bunch. I used to think I was like a zoo keeper, trying to manage my mini zoo of friends while receiving joy in return. but now I feel like a pet shop owner/pet breeder, constantly hoping they’ll find themselves a good home with somebody they belong to and I’ll always welcome them back to seek shelter and comfort should their endeavors outside be unfortunate.


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