many things I don’t understand or have left them semi unfigured out

sometimes, things fall apart not because its broken, circumstance, people, feelings and expectations change. you drift apart and nothing needs to be fixed.

some people are fickle, they can change their mind about what they want in snap.

some are unsure and fear failure, so they act slowly but steadily to minimize risks

some are self centered, they forget you when you’re of no value and reconnect when you’re ‘usable’.

they all suck. I’m sure we won’t want them happening to us, but face it. thats life. you know whats worse? They aren’t things we have direct authority to change.

One Response to “many things I don’t understand or have left them semi unfigured out”
  1. Kifachu says:

    Some times we have to accept that we owe no one but ourselves to our lives.
    One thing I’ve learnt while growing up, is that people come and go. a lot.

    it might not sound nice, but the truth is that… people are using each other everyday.
    We can be the best of friends, but if we dig deeper, one can say that we’re using each other for company. It’s through ‘using’ people that you realise who are your true friends; who’s willing to let you ‘use’, and use you in return. Or in nicer terms: give and take.

    Sometimes it works both ways. In order for people to help/ care for you, you need to be able to show your vulnerable side to them. We always have a few people that we’re willing to show our vulnerable sides to.

    To me, you are one of them. Because of what you said to me a few months back, ” if so and so cannot make it, call me. ” To you, it might just be because you’re free and you don’t mind spending time with me. But to me, it meant a lot. Because not everyone around me is accustomed to last minute meet ups, and even for me, I usually have plans. So for someone to offer me company even if I call last minute, means a lot to me.

    And trust me, I really really enjoy our time together. Every time. 🙂

    And I’m sorry that I always have random errands to do whenever we meet up! Will have dates where it’s just to chillax and do things we like together! :3

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