things may not go our way all the time, but we’re lucky

I am thankful to be so blessed; with good friends, with caring + demanding, strict, often domineering parents, health, safety, my circumstances (birthplace, family status, etc)

I may be quite upset that I can’t paint, draw, throw well enough. I often feel inferior about being short, ugly and untalented and average in all aspects. But really, deep down I know I am blessed. Of course I’ll always want more, want to be better, want to do more, I’m human, I have pride, dignity, needs, wants and desires. I have moments when I take all that I have for granted and wish I had life easier, but to be honest, my life is really good. I may be had my share of disappointments, but theres always somebody who’ll give me the urge to hope again, I may have had my heart broken, but I’ve always had people who nursed the wound and make me smile. I may be incompetent and clumsy is all I do but there are people who appreciate that I try.

I feel so contented with what I’ve been bestowed since birth, and once you’ve had kindness done onto you, maybe its just me, but I wanna pass the kindness on and hopefully inspire somebody to spread kindness to others. Right now all I hope and pray for is that no matter what happens, I’ll never lose this appreciation for life and my blessings and that no matter how many times I’m defeated and hurt, I’ll always find the strength or that people I love will give me a smack to wake me back to my senses so that I’ll get up and move on and never dwell on a small mishap.

to be honest, I’m not some comic heroin, I may desire to do so called ‘great’ things for animals, people and nature but I’m really human deep inside too. I get weak, I get scared, I get tired, I get lonely, I get insecure, I cry, I mess up, I want to be praised, to be pampered, to be hugged, to have a shoulder to lean on like everybody else. I’d just rather take my time to make sure I entrust my weak inner self to the right person. I’m just scared of getting hurt, I’m not a cold/snobbish person. I’m just cautious.


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