the ‘good girl’

will only get eaten by dragons and cursed by witches. contrary to popular 80s/90s belief of happily ever after endings. #1. she gets blamed for mistakes made by others #2. she sits there quietly absorbing negativity from others like a sponge #3. she spends her time thinking and worrying #4. she lets life slip by … Continue reading

what if

mocca – what if What if I give you my smile? Are you gonna stay for a while? What if I put you in my dreams tonight? Are you gonna stay until it’s bright? What if I give you my story? Are you gonna listen to me? What if I give you my heart? Are … Continue reading

like a cacti

listening to music when something about the lyrics struck me. [And the rattlesnake said, “I wish I had hands so I could hug you like a man.” And then the cactus said, “Don’t you understand, My skin is covered with sharp spikes That’ll stab you like a thousand knives. A hug would be nice, But … Continue reading

to be ‘semi’

putting my life back in perspective! (: theres something about being semi-alone thats ever so comforting, familiar and safe. of course it’ll be nice to know that there’s somebody who’ll care, listen, cuddle, pamper and kiss the tears away but the crap one has to go through to seek such a uncertain and risky comfort … Continue reading