Its nice knowing that I’m safe, respected, cared for and trusted. I really appreciate it when the little things I try to not impose on my partner is appreciated and despite him feeling frustrated, he’ll always want to listen and encourage me to share my thoughts and/or problems. Advertisements

i just found out nobody at home realizes I like yu pain tang. i hope it has struck them that they barely know me because they are too busy hallucinating me from the trippy parallel world. so i am not surprised that they don’t know I like being alone 90% of the time and I … Continue reading

Protected: 22.04.2012

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Live from ceramics room

I’m in a slum and the noises are annoying me. I wish to be somewhere else where i’m not constantly worried about how to behave and who to trust. I wish i could just give up and be at home and bawl anger out for a few days and start over. Its about to rain … Continue reading

when i’m physically lazy

i sat down thinking, I am really lucky to have a Gomez in my life just like Clare did. (:

le sigh (of contentment)

as I was bent over and puking, feeling the bitter and sour bile and gastric juices spew out of my mouth and burning my throat, I feel this nostalgia. I remember how I got the white little scar on my left chin, I remember why I hate catching a disease that I can’t hide the … Continue reading

fictional time traveling

I started reading time traveler’s wife for the first time. I can dare say this is the only time in my life I have enjoyed a romance novel. Its not cheesy or soapy or raunchy. Minus the time traveling its actually a very realistically attainable, sweet, compromising, simple and blissful partnership of two people. Because … Continue reading

blogging on mobile

i recently found out the my “dependency” on coffee whenever i feel down is a way of comforting myself with the aroma thats helps me recall the carefree and happy moments of childhood. upon more reflection, i realised that many things i enjoy doing makes me feel rather childlike as well. even sitting somewhere alone … Continue reading

stalking pedophiles

don’t we all love spying on sickos, perverts and pedophiles? 😀 #ifyouknowwhatimean

dedicated to the faithful reader

TAKE THIS QUIZ! I wanted earl grey tea but ended up with english breakfast instead. (: You Are English Breakfast Tea You tend to have rather traditional views of love. You are faithful and willing to work hard in a relationship. Hard working and ambitious, you can survive in the most cut throat work environment. … Continue reading