fictional time traveling

I started reading time traveler’s wife for the first time. I can dare say this is the only time in my life I have enjoyed a romance novel. Its not cheesy or soapy or raunchy. Minus the time traveling its actually a very realistically attainable, sweet, compromising, simple and blissful partnership of two people. Because I aspire to work from home as an art maker, its really nice to see a fictional character who could juggle both her ambition and life; its something I aspire to do as well. I guess another thing that I really liked about the book was that it isn’t purely about a whirlwind romance, its also about forgiveness, consideration, patience, sacrifice and most importantly, its surrender and nurture. I like how Henry feels safe with Clare and his tension is reduce when she’s around; with her he could just be protective but less cautious and his tenderness can just show. Perhaps in this fictional character I see traits I aspire to achieve hence I find it relatable. I just enjoy this book so much.

He has calloused feet for he is always running, she with rough hands because she’s always creating. Eventually she created a place he feels safe in and in turn gave her a home he could create to her heart’s content. Then suddenly I think the waiting, arguments and tears becomes worthwhile. Nothing beats a partner willing to grow through all phases of life together.

Although its purely fiction, and despite being told I shouldn’t get too attached to the characters, I find myself crying over their misfortunes. I want to finish the book but I can’t help but wish its a happy ending or a cliff hanger. I still think fiction should be happy so it makes the mundane life more hopeful.


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