cravings and wantings

Craving for… #1. Potato things #2. Pastries #3. Miso ramen #4. Instant noodles #5. Grilled salmon #6. Cream puff #7. Fruit tarts #8. Tofu, mushroom eggdrop soup #9. Nasi soto #10. Croissant sandwich #11. Pancakes and waffles #12. Anything mushroom Wants… #1. A holiday #2. Pets #3. Global warming to disappear #4. A pot of … Continue reading


i hate defending myself when I’m accused. I hate school. I hate trying to be understood when people don’t bother. Yes, I’m thinking like a whiny childish brat. But I can’t help it. its really disappointing. I’ve really tried. Maybe I’m just not good with handling failures. I’m scared to fail, I’m scared to disappoint. … Continue reading


when i’m home, i’d rather be in my room feeling bored and unproductive then be out to be scrutinized and be louder than the TV just to be heard. i just want to be left alone with boredom in the safety of my room. i keep quiet and shut myself off because i dont want … Continue reading

holiday “bucket list”

-Underwater world -USS -be healthy/full recovery -make the trip happen -find a mini oven, proceed to bake potato, pizza, pasta, lagsana, cookies, bread and cakes, etc -take lots of pictures

maybe its PMS

i am still coughing and i am starting to get really annoyed. I was feeling much better the past few days when I was taking medicine and I was rally optimistic about making a full recovery. But after I completed the course on Tuesday evening. the cough didn’t go away. It is usually fine in … Continue reading


I wish we lived 36hours a day when we’re young and 12hours a day at old age. then we’ll have a lot more time, energy and vitality to work for money and enjoy indulging with the fruits of our labour. If I had 36hours a day, I’ll spend 12hours on health, another 12hours to earn … Continue reading