maybe its PMS

i am still coughing and i am starting to get really annoyed. I was feeling much better the past few days when I was taking medicine and I was rally optimistic about making a full recovery. But after I completed the course on Tuesday evening. the cough didn’t go away. It is usually fine in the day but in the evenings start coughing again. It doesn’t help when I am really making an effort to rest and try to recover. And whenever old friends tell me that school seems to be draining the life and vitality out of me, I always feel like I can never cover all bases despite trying my best.

Good grades. Social life. Health(Sleep). Money/Work. When you’re in art school, you can only choose 2. ):

I guess my vacation is pretty good if not for the fact that I haven’t completely recovered.

I saw my reflection on the bus just now and I am remember why I no longer wear the dress I wore just now. My collarbones are disgusting.


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