i think being logical is essential in an argument. because even if the other party starts getting impatient, the worse i can be is brief and vague so I can avoid as many misunderstandings as possible. BUT. this doesn’t usually work in my favor. Usually being calm and brief will cool things down so its … Continue reading

facts about me #21 – #30

#21. I have never had a cheeseburger (or any burger with a beef patty) my whole life #22. I loathe studying #23. If i picked up a winning lottery ticket, I’d claim it #24. I’ve fantasized about eating a burger watching the host of a food show, but I know I won’t eat one. #25. … Continue reading

22years and 1day

I, the lover of animals and nature, have succumbed to the excessive summer heat generated by enhanced green house effect and freak weather conditions such as La Nina and am now spending most of my time in the comfort of air conditioning which consumes excessive fossil fuels and contributes to carbon emission. That obviously will … Continue reading

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Protected: the dream.

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21years and 362days

Celebrating birthdays is my way of showing the person that I’m glad she/he is born and I got to be a part of their lives. my only wish is that I’ll soon be able to live alone in peace and be free some rules, routine I didn’t create and negativity. No more forcing myself to … Continue reading

oh what I’d do to travel

even though I dread being photographed and filmed, I’d do it all the time if I could travel. I wouldn’t mind being a travel program host or journalist. I’d be happy to host the program and show people where to explore and have tea and coffee and take good pictures.

I really should

-take more pictures -shop for clothes -run for 2hours a day

21years and 355 days

“to feel inferior about myself would be to indirectly insult people who choose to have me in their lives.” Iwtgoabmbicbtlat. sometimes, just waiting fpwastht is too much hassle. and that ruins the sense of freedom and novelty of the experience.


if only there was a yoga move called “Hibernating squirrel” or “Pupa in Cocoon”. I’d be a faithful practitioner. on a brighter note, I have sorted my post graduation plans out. I want to work and get a car. Then I’ll be able to meet my loved ones and drive them around. and I really … Continue reading